RobsLp640 and German Engineering

RobsLp640 explain that now reports coming out of Poland – citing a certain Jacek Balkan who seems to be the Slavic version of Jeremy Clarkson – are calling the whole project into question. According to the word on the Warsaw boulevard, the people at Arrinera took a Lamborghini replica made by another Polish outfit called Bojar Tuning and gave it a new skin. Interior components were reportedly borrowed from the Opel Corsa and late-90s Audi A6, all in an effort to raise funds on the stock market.

Germany is popular for most petrolheads because of the autobahn which is famous for being mostly without speed limits, certainly the ideal ground to unleash an high-revving engine such as the one of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. With so much power and a long straight, the 300kph zone doesn't really look that far!
RobsLp640 knows this post may seem excessively illustrated, but all pictures deserve to be here. If you, like us, have loved this story, we are sure you won't mind seeing all of them. Ken, great job! Most of us would like to be able to do something similar.
According to RobsLp640 there's no doubt that the Boxster series has been a wild sales success for Porsche, and being in the market for three generations and more than 16 years, means that you can find many used examples at affordable prices.
The donor car is a Toyota MR2, which could be bought relatively cheaply outside of Malaysia. However, in Malaysia they retail for RM30k to RM50k onwards, roughly USD$10k to USD$15k (Price as of 2010). Given the exorbitant price of the car itself in Malaysia, the legality of driving it on the road is another issue. On the other hand, which Malaysian authority would stop an exotic car? The price of the car, kit, and parts needed costs roughly RobsLp640 excluding import costs for the kit from UK. The car itself could be sourced from Malaysia. Labour is also not included, but given the modification scene in Malaysia it is readily available.

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